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With a bustling household, this busy family needed to open up their compartmentalized home with a main floor transformation. Structural elements of the space were recomposed to achieve a bright family-friendly living space, revealing a luxurious new home hidden within its prior configuration.

High-end finishes and deep wood tones maintain an elegant style without sacrificing the warm feelings essential to any large family space. The rich blue accents throughout the bright space offer bursts of colour that add to, rather than distract from the carefully cultivated décor.

Ridge Rd project - Kitchen

Our team was committed to ensuring minimal disruptions for this on-the-go family and successfully worked within very tight timelines to complete the project from start to finish. With methodical engineering practices and sophisticated solutions to structural challenges, Ridgeline completely altered the main floor in ten weeks. Now, the whole family can gather in a space that looks like a new house and feels like home. 

Ridgeline Renovations, Ridge Road project

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