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This bright artsy addition was designed and built for an avid gardener desperate for more natural light. The off-white and muted wood tones used throughout the addition enhance the vividness of the nearby gardens and entice light to reflect within the space. 

Ridgeline Renovations, Parkview project

A statement gas fireplace was added and designed to match a wood-burning one which supports a cherished mantle of driftwood plucked from the sands of Prince Edward Island. Together, these elements create a nostalgic, personalized area for mindful reflection.

Ridgeline Renovations, Parkview project

In the kitchen, the custom cabinetry wears the same soft palette of bright woods and white tones. Open one of these cabinets and you’ll activate interior lighting – perfect for entertaining as the late afternoon light wanes. Even as it does though, the large, picturesque windows we installed (hand-selected by our client) continue to warm the space into the twilight hours.

This spacious addition is a reminder that our homes should integrate with outdoor spaces in a way that enhances the value and enjoyment found on both sides of the door.

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