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A masterpiece of architectural design and well-conceived vision, this original 70’s home exudes beauty and simplicity with a refined touch and thoughtful accents. The home’s centre-stringer floating stairs complement a minimalist and clean aesthetic, tied together with sleek modern light fixtures and flat trim work detailing. The kitchen’s white oak pieces and warm Caesarstone backsplash create a stunning contrast with the splashes of colour and tile selections throughout the entirety of the home.

Natural light and spacious design are tied in with moody accent walls and cozy furnishings, producing a dynamic yet cohesive space that is as welcoming as it is intimate. Brass toggles and push button light switches pay homage to the era of the home, accentuating its rich history and creating a homey space where the old meets the new in a seamless, functional manner. The large window in the kitchen allows for stunning natural light and acts as a focal point for the space, showcasing a breathtaking view that is often hard to come by in an inner-city Hamilton home. 

Glenfern - Kitchen

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