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Initially intended as a principal bathroom renovation, the project expanded into a full main floor overhaul as Ridgeline earned the trust of this young family and collaborated on a holistic vision for the home during the initial design phase.

Executing all upgrades in a single process aimed at minimizing construction duration and ensuring a unified aesthetic throughout the home. The main floor renovation emphasised an open-concept layout and abundant natural light infused with playful elements, rich cabinetry and millwork.

Eringate project - Kitchen
Project Eringate - Kitchen

Masterly engineered beams were installed to support the home’s structure and enable a more open-concept floor plan, working to bring together the kitchen and living space to create a family-centric, communal design which prioritized togetherness in the busiest areas of the home. Originally a conventional builder-grade home lacking distinctive features, Ridgeline partnered with the family to envision a personalized style, ultimately transforming this unassuming house in their beloved neighbourhood into a cherished family home designed to be enjoyed for years to come.

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